Your health and comfort come first – and there’s no place like home for rest and comfort.

This is especially true when you’re recovering from an illness or injury. Home health enables you to receive the care you need in the comfort of your own home.

Home health care is an effective and affordable solution for many patients’ needs and situations. With home health care, you can trust that the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor will be followed thoroughly as you receive high-quality and compassionate care from our trained home health care staff.

List of services:

Example diagnosis

• Aftercare following surgery
• Electrolyte imbalance
• Coronary artery disease
• Angina
• Back sprain/strain
• Diabetes mellitus
• Heart failure
• Pituitary dysfunctions

• Pyelonephritis
• Arthritis
• Cancer
• Dehydration
• Digoxin toxicity
• Hypertension
• Pneumonia
• Stroke

Occupational therapy services

• Home modifications
• Assessment of rehabilitation needs relating to the use of the upper extremities
• Planning, implementing and supervising therapeutic program to restore function
• Fitting and use of assistive devices
• Preparation of splints
• Fine motor control
• Work modification and simplification program

RN available 24 hours per day

• Gastrostomy tube changes/insertion
• N/G tube insertion/management
• Suprapubic catheter changes/management
• Dressing changes and wound assessments
• Management of open draining wounds, ulcers and fistulae
• Suture/staple removal
• Venipuncture for lab – secondary skill
• Tracheotomy tube management/changes
• Pulse oximetry
• Hydration assessment/intervention with IVs
• Personal emergency response monitoring for qualified patients

Speech therapy

• Establish communication skills program
• Dysphagia treatment/program

Medical social worker services

• Financial assistance recommendations
• Counseling for long range planning
• Nursing home placement
• Meals on Wheels coordination
• Community resource referrals
• Crisis intervention

Home health aide services

(available with other skilled services)

• Bath assistance, oral care, skin care, hair care
• Feed patients, prepare light meals
• Transfer assistance, ambulating assistance
• Range of motion exercises
• Tidy patient’s immediate environment

Skilled nursing teaching and training

• Disease process
• Diet
• Intake and output
• Activity level, safety precaution
• Emergency procedures
• Oxygen use and safety
• Use of air compressor, hand-held nebulizer and MDI
• Suctioning
• Tracheotomy tube care
• Nasogastric/gastrostomy tube feedings
• Clean intermittent catheterization
• Care of implanted port/pump/central line
• Seizure precautions
• Ostomy
• Medication
• Wound care

Physical therapy teaching

• Home maintenance program
• Transfers
• Safety measures
• Equipment use
• Traction

Physical therapy services

• Assess rehabilitation needs/potential
• Develop rehabilitation program
• Balance and coordination exercises
• Transfers
• Bed mobility
• Range of motion
• Hot packs
• Gait training
• Ultrasound
• Home adaptation

All services may not be available. Please contact us at 443.716.1150 for full service listing.